Travellers Tales DVD

Travellers Tales DVDThe hidden heritage of Surrey’s largest ethnic minority has been uncovered in a new film involving Gypsy and Traveller young people and elders across Surrey.

The Travellers Tales DVD has resulted in a series of 17 digital stories created by Gypsy and Traveller communities working in close collaboration with Romani journalist and broadcaster Jake Bowers. Part financed by Guildford Borough Council, Surrey County Council and the European Union, the project aims to educate, engage and entertain the wider public about the hidden contribution of Surrey’s 10,000 strong Gypsy and Traveller community.

View one of the tales "The Rapper's Tale"

For the past nine months, Romani journalist Jake Bowers has been visiting Gypsy and Traveller homes across the county encouraging older community volunteers to dust off their old photographs and share their precious memories before they are lost forever. But the film hasn’t just involved people from Surrey’s 26 Gypsy caravan sites. The film also actively challenges the popular notion of the Gypsy community as being transient and constantly on the move by working with Surrey’s largest settled Romany Gypsy population living in the town of Ash.

Project leader Jake Bowers says: “Like Romany communities across Europe, the Gypsy community in Surrey is sometimes regarded with suspicion and perceived to just be a source of criminality and anti-social behaviour. But there is a whole other story and history that has been forgotten. This project is a powerful act of remembering that hidden history specifically designed to shed light on a 500 year long active contribution to the county of Surrey.”

To purchase a copy (£15 including VAT and P&P) please contact:

Jake Bowers
Gypsy Media Company Ltd.
PO Box 313
TN34 9EW

07966 786 242


Jake Bowers who produced the Travellers Tales DVD is the host of Rokker Radio the two-hour radio programme established two years ago by BBC for the Gypsy and Traveller community.

As the show prepares to celebrate two years of broadcasting across local BBC radio in the East of England and across the world on the internet, the BBC have not decided whether to let the programme continue into next year, and if it is to continue, in what form.

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