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The Gypsy Council

Please note that the Gypsy Council's website is at: The Gypsy Roma Traveller Achievement Service in Leeds has no connection with the Gypsy Council and cannot answer any questions on their behalf. A page with phone and email contact details is at

The Work of the Gypsy Council

VolunteerThe Gypsy Council is involved in a wide spectrum of support and liaison work, supporting Gypsy families in planning applications and their fight for decent legal places to live. They liaise and mediate with government bodies, County and District authorities, Health and Social Services, police and legal advisors, education departments and schools, and lobby politicians and political parties for the rights of Gypsy people. They also offer an advice service to Gypsy people, students and others on many different issues and are a main point of contact for both national and local media.

The Gypsy Council has a large resource library for academic work. They also send representatives to conferences, seminars and public meetings both in the UK and Europe, and have their own European representatives to the European Union and The United Nations.

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in their own wordsRead about the achievements of the Gypsy Roma Traveller Achievement Service since its inception in 1975

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PipersTraveller pipers John Rooney and son Larry recently visited Leeds for a musical session.

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